IMPRS-LS Workshop

GraphPad Prism

Date: Wednesday 24th - Thursday 25th April 2019

Location: Large Conference Room, 1st floor, T-building, MPI of Biochemistry

Trainer: STATCON

Description: This training teaches a solid foundation for everyone working with GraphPad Prism. You learn the complete course of a data analysis ranging from data import and descriptive statistical analysis to creation and optimization of the output. The course also covers the introduction into basic statistical concepts. The participants are able to master the dialog system and output and can run as well as interpret simple, descriptive statistical analysis.

In addition, this course also shows the new features of GraphPad Prism 7, so this course can also be seen as a refresher for everyone who has worked with an older version of GraphPad Prism.


  • You can calculate and interpret the basic descriptive statistics.
  • Data handling, as well as graphical analysis of data using GraphPad Prism, can be done swiftly.
  • You can differentiate the different project types and interpret many of the results.
  • You know about the new functions and procedures in GraphPad Prism 7.