IMPRS-LS Workshop

Introduction to Statistics

Date: Tuesday 22nd - Monday 28th February 2022

Location: online

Trainer: Rick Scavetta

Description:  This workshop enables life scientists to understand the purpose and uses of classical statistics as an integral part of the scientific method. 

The workshop consists of three sections: Collecting, Describing & Inferring. Practical tools and the theoretical background to understand how they work will be introduced. Mathematical equations will be used when helpful and are provided in the reference book, but they will not be the focus of the workshop. Our goal is to enlighten via intuitive understanding, not confuse via math.

Topics Covered:

  • good experimental design and sources of bias.
  • systematic versus random error.
  • the distinction between samples and populations.
  • the most appropriate ways to describe samples.
  • estimation and the principle of hypothesis testing.
  • the standard error of the mean and confidence intervals.
  • understanding and reporting uncertainty.
  • power, type I and type II errors.
  • standard parametric tests and their interpretations, including p-values, test statistics, and associated distributions.