IMPRS-LS Workshop

Poster Design


Date: Monday 12th- Tuesday 13th December 2022

Location: Small Lecture Hall, 1st floor, T-building, MPI of Biochemistry

Trainer: Ruth Willmott

Description: Knowing how to design a well-structured, visually attractive poster is a must for every researcher. However, due to insufficient know-how and inexperience, you may fail to get your message across and also not present your poster optimally.

To overcome these problems, the Designing and Presenting Posters Workshop focuses on the key dos and don’ts of strong poster design using your own poster as material. In addition, you will be coached on how to effectively make your key points and convey your message as well as on how to make the best impression on interested parties. This workshop will, therefore, enable you not only to design and present a poster competently but also to represent yourself and your Institute more professionally.
The Designing and Presenting Posters Workshop is ideal for early-stage research scientists with no or little poster designing and presenting experience.