IMPRS-LS Workshop

Conflict management and mediation



Date: Wednesday 9th June - Friday 11th June 2021

Location: online

Trainer:  Karin Bodewits

Description: Conflicts are a normal part of our daily communication. Why does this term have such a neg-ative connotation? What keeps us from confronting conflicts head-on, before they become real problems? Most topics of this seminar will be introduced by brief and realistic examples and general principles will be showcased. A core part of the seminar are the case studies by the participants themselves. In addition, case studies by the trainer and exercises will be used in order to go deeper into the topics according to the wishes and questions of the par-ticipants.

This seminar should help to sensitise how conflicts emerge. Participants will learn to prevent conflicts. For the cases when this didn´t happen, they learn to deescalate and resolve conflicts (as conflict party or as mediator) and finally also to escalate, if there is no other solution.