IMPRS-LS Workshop

Virtual Team Work


Date: Monday 27th - Wednesday 29th September 2021

Location: online

Trainer: Viola Kraus

Description: Our evening workshop series on virtual work will explore three critical aspects. Our evening sessions are comprised of mini-lecture sequences, break-out groups and moments of self-reflection.

1) how to ensure that you can still work well and collaborate and meet efficiently as a team
    - the psychology of virtual teams
    - missing communication cues in a virtual team context
    - practical tools for effective teaming and meeting virtually
2) how to better manage yourself while you feel more detached from your peers and teams
    - analyse your habits
    - receive tools for changing hindering habits
    - practice how to foster good self-management habits
3) how to better present in the virtual context
    - what is missing when presenting in a virtual context, what do we have to make up for?
    - how to still convince your audience through voice and preparation of content