How to Launch Your Dream Career- Career Development Made Fun & Easy!


Date: Thursday 2nd December 2021 at 12:00-13:00

Location: online

Trainer: Amani Said


Are you asking yourself any of the following questions:
1.    What am I going to do after my PhD/Postdoc?
2.    Should I stay and pursue an academic career? Or should I go and pursue one of the 100s of “alternative” careers outside of academia?
3.    What would be a good fit for me?
4.    Where do I even start the process of career transitioning?
5.    How do you network?
6.    Where do I find the positions?
I know, so many questions to answer, right!
This webinar is aimed to give you the 5 STEPS you need for a successful and fun career transition.
The earlier you start implementing these 5 STEPS the easier your transition becomes.
These career development tools will also support you in boosting your current performance as a PhD candidate or Postdoc.