IMPRS-LS Workshop

Career Mentoring and Management


Date: Friday 9th - Saturday 10th December and Thursday 15th or Friday 16th December 2022

Location: Small Conference Room, 1st floor, T-building, MPI of Biochemistry

Trainer: Ruth Willmott

Description: In the Career Mentoring and Management: Applying for Jobs on the Wider Market workshop, you will receive comprehensive career mentoring about the wealth of alternative career paths that are open to you as well as advice on how to best find and access these jobs. You will also be armed with key communication skills that will prove to be a prerequisite for career success on the wider market. You will be given advice on how to optimally build your CV and resumé as well as on how to write convincing personal career mission statements and strong core competencies summaries that will be attractive to a wide range of future employers. You will also learn how to best present your skills and talents in attention-grabbing application letters. Finally, we will role play questions that regularly come up during interviews to ensure that you gain the competitive edge over other application candidates.