IMPRS-LS Workshop



Date: Thursday 10th - Friday 11th December 2020

Location: Large Conference Room, 1st floor, T-building, MPI of Biochemistry (link is external)

Trainer: Sabine Walter & Greta Wonneberger

Description: Quite commonly it is not the person who works hard or has exceptional grades who gets ahead professionally; rather, it is the person who markets themselves the best. This is not only a frustrating situation for the deserving employee, but is also detrimental to the company and the organization as top talent is overlooked.

At the end of this workshop, you will know your strengths and talents and consider them resources. You will be able to clearly communicate your goals. You will stand by what you say and will be able to convey your goals and opinions convincingly. You will have a clearer plan for your professional future and understand how to use  networking to further your goals.