IMPRS-LS Workshop

Python Survival Skills

Date: Wednesday 28th September 2022

Location: Small Lecture Hall, 1st floor, T-building, MPI of Biochemistry (link is external)

Trainer: Andreas Kist

Description: Programming is a highly desirable and applicable skill in science. With the open source and universal programming language Python, you can acquire, analyze, and present your data easily without leaving one programming environment.

A lot of daily tasks are easy to reasonable difficult to automate or simplify. In this one-day workshop, students will learn how to batch process files, interact with CSV and Excel files easily and create paper quality plots with ease. Further, part of the course is dedicated to the needs of the students and we will work us through some issues course participants are faced with.

Course aim:
Learn to rename, read and process files dynamically, use the pandas and seaborn package for data mining, statistics and plotting.