IMPRS-LS Workshop

Python Image Processing


Date: Thursday 29th - Friday 30th September 2022

Location: Small Lecture Hall, 1st floor, T-building, MPI of Biochemistry (link is external)

Trainer: Andreas Kist

Description: Programming is a highly desirable and applicable skill in science. With the open-source and universal programming language Python, you can acquire, analyze, and present your data easily without leaving one programming environment.

This workshop focuses on scientific image processing using Python. We discuss different file formats and origins, how to open different file formats and deal with metadata. We cover basic image processing principles such as histogram equalization, (local) thresholding, alignment and segmentation. For each topic, we will use real data to showcase the applicability of the learned functions. On the second day, we will further emphasize functions that fit the students’ needs and invite one to two speakers that show briefly where they use Python in image processing. The course also highlights strategies how to tackle an image processing pipeline.

This course will be adjusted according to the participants’ background.

Course aim:
Use the skimage and OpenCV package to process imaging data.