IMPRS-LS Workshop

Critical Reasoning and Logic


Date: Thursday 1st - Friday 2nd December 2022

Location: online

Trainer: Kai Hüwelmeyer

Description: Scientists have to give arguments in many different contexts: in their publications, in grant applications, in lab meetings and in conference presentations. Nevertheless, the bases for strong and correct arguments are not always fully clear to them. Logic provides extremely helpful tools for scientists to develop their arguments in a coherent, well-structured and convincing way. The seminar gives an introduction to the most important concepts of logic: premises and conclusions of arguments, validity and soundness of arguments, deductive vs. inductive reasoning, common types of inferences and fallacies.

The idea of the seminar is to use these concepts as a toolbox which provides very useful techniques for everyday scientific work. The participants learn how to reconstruct arguments from scientific texts, how to give well-structured and logically valid arguments, and how to avoid misunderstandings. There are two main sets of exercises: one for written argumentation and one for oral argumentation.


  • basic concepts of logic (validity and soundness of arguments etc.)

  • inductive and deductive arguments

  • common types of fallacies

  • reconstructing arguments from texts

  • tips and exercises for written argumentation

  • tips and exercises for oral argumentation