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IMPRS-LS Seminar

26th IMPRS-LS Seminar


Date: Thursday 5th December 2019

Location: Small lecture hall, T-building, 1st floor, MPIB   |  closed event, open only for IMPRS-LS students

The IMPRS-LS Seminar is a great opportunity for our students to showcase their innovative research to their peers in a friendly environment. IMPRS-LS students will have the chance to present their projects in either talk or poster format.

Our poster sessions provide the perfect opportunity for IMPRS-LS students to network with colleagues and discuss their most recent findings. Students additionally have the chance to vote for their favorite talk and poster, with the winners from each category being announced at the end of the seminar.

The IMPRS-LS seminar will conclude with our annual "IMPRS-LS X-mas party", refreshments will be provided. We look forwards to welcoming all IMPRS-LS students!