IMPRS-LS Workshop

Career Booster Program - Module 4


Date: Mondays 13th + 20th + 27th June 2022

Location: online

Trainer: Amani Said

Description: The Career Booster Program Workshop Series has been specifically designed to support PhD candidates, Postdocs and other academics to leverage their PhD by making a successful career transition, whether within or outside of academia.

The main challenges PhDs struggle with when it comes to career development are:

  •     lack of clarity, not knowing what the next career step should be
  •     not knowing where to start and the strategies to use
  •     not understanding their own value, skills and the results they can create and more importantly how they can transfer their research training to another field
  •     not having a long-term plan or career vision
  •     fear of the unknown (especially if outside of academia)
  •     where to find positions and how to network


As a result of taking the Career Booster Program, candidates experience clarity on their career path, they gain the confidence and learn the tools to create their desired careers. The programs 4 workshops and group coaching help scientists tackle the main challenges mentioned above.