The IMPRS Concept

The International Max Planck Research School Initiative in Germany

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) initiative was first launched across Germany in 1999 by the Max Planck Society to promote excellence in PhD training through structured PhD programs. These research schools work very much in collaboration with participating Max Planck Institutes and universities to provide centers of excellence for the training of top class junior scientists from all over the world. Here, doctoral students find an extraordinary framework to work in interdisciplinary research projects or in projects that require advanced technological equipment.

To date, there are more than 60 International Max Planck Research Schools, involving 80 Max Planck Institutes and many universities and other faculties. 26 IMPRSs are affiliated with the Chemistry, Physics and Technology Section (CPTS), 23 with the Biology and Medicine Section (BMS) and 11 with the Human and Social Sciences Section. Each IMPRS is fully independent but all research schools follow the same general principles and conceptual ideas that are defined by the Max Planck Society. Importantly, all IMPRSs undergo regular evaluations by a commission of external experts to ensure that the research schools continually meet the high standards of education, training and supervision as defined by the Max Planck Society.

To learn more about other IMPRSs, please visit the website of the Max Planck Society.


The distribution of the various Max Planck Research Schools is depicted in the map below.


International Max Planck Research Schools in Germany
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