Publication of IMPRS-LS student Alexandra Eklund

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Eklund, A.S., Comberlato, A., Parish, I.A., Jungmann, R., and Bastings, M.M.C.
ACS Nano, 2021, online ahead of print.
doi: 10.1021/acsnano.1c05540

Quantification of Strand Accessibility in Biostable DNA Origami with Single-Staple Resolution

DNA-based nanostructures are actively gaining interest as tools for biomedical and therapeutic applications following the recent development of protective coating strategies prolonging structural integrity in physiological conditions. For tailored biological action, these nanostructures are often functionalized with targeting or imaging labels using DNA base pairing. Only if these labels are accessible on the structure's surface will they be able to interact with their intended biological target. However, the accessibility of functional sites for different geometries and environments, specifically after the application of a protective coating, is currently not known. Here, we assay this accessibility on the level of single handle strands with two- and three-dimensional resolution using DNA-PAINT and show that the hybridization kinetics of top and bottom sides on the same nanostructure linked to a surface remain unaltered. We furthermore demonstrate that the functionality of the structures remains available after an oligolysine-PEG coating is applied, enabling bioassays where functionality and stability are imperative.