From doing a PhD to running my own company

Garwin Pichler

Short biography

Dr. Garwin Pichler studied biochemistry at the LMU Munich and completed his thesis titled “Crosstalk between histone modifications and DNA methylation” in 2008. Garwin was enrolled as an IMPRS student at the faculty of biology at the LMU Munich. He has many years of experience in the development of high-throughput platforms for the mass spectrometry-based proteomic analyses of clinically-relevant samples such as blood plasma and urine. Whilst conducting his research, Garwin studied "Business and Management" in parallel to gain knowledge of strategic and operational processes in companies. Prior to founding his own company, Garwin worked as consultant for the spin-off ChromoTek GmbH to prepare the market entry of products for academic research.

Why did you choose to do your PhD with IMPRS?

I had been working at the MPI of Biochemistry for my Master Thesis and decided to do my PhD thesis in the faculty of biology at the LMU Munich. I decided to apply for the IMPRS program to allow me to be able to use the advantages of all associated institutes. As an IMPRS student, I was able to collaborate with a group at the MPI of Biochemistry as well as with a group at the faculty of biochemistry at the LMU Munich in a interdisciplinary manner.

Why did you choose Munich and what are the best aspects of studying here?

That’s simple ;-) It is a combination of the best research structure in Europe, the high living standards of Munich as well as the fact that I have been living and enjoying life in Munich now for over 30 years.

How did the IMPRS program help with preparing you for life after your PhD?

I wouldn’t say prepare but it definitely facilitated my life as I made a lot of new contacts during this time

How did you come to the decision of founding your own company?

I was working closely together with a spin-off during my PhD and I gained insights into the exciting issues and everyday challenges of establishing your own company. From then on, I was fascinated with starting my own company and participated in workshops such as the “Innovationsakademie Biotechnologie” and I also studied economics in parallel to completing my Postdoc at the MPI of Biochemistry.

What advice would you give to students considering studying here?

Enjoy life in Munich, enjoy the City, the mountains and the lakes. Munich is one of the most beautiful cities worldwide ;-)