Past Events

Retreat 2019

Every year, the Coordination Office organises a retreat for all us IMPRS students. Each time there is a different topic, ranging from career options to interpersonal skill development. This year’s topic was “Communication & Teamwork”. In science, especially during PhD, communication & teamwork skills are essential to successfully master your research and get to publishing results. Without adequate communication between lab fellows, constructive research is not possible. But communication also harbours much more, such as intercultural communication, intersectorial communication and communication with people you have not met before. Thus, this year’s topic was not only fun, but also interesting and important to explore.

The retreat took place in the lower Alps of southern Bavaria, in Pfronten read more

IMPRS-LS retreat 2016

We were delighted to welcome IMPRS-LS students on our annual IMPRS-LS retreat, which this year took place on 25th – 27th September in beautiful Allgäu, in Haus Zauberberg.

Deciding to take advantage of the fantastic weather on our arrival, we enjoyed a short hike (with only a small accidental detour) to the nearby ruins of the castles Hohenfreyberg and Eisenberg. On our return, we were greeted with a delicious and traditional Bavarian dinner. Following dinner, students were able to relax and enjoy the facilities Haus Zauberberg had to offer.

Our retreat this year was centered on the theme of “Methods and Cutting Edge Technologies”. On Monday, we were very happy to be able to welcome various speakers from the institute and from the LMU who spoke in detail about their area of read more

Graduation 2016

On September 22nd, 2016 the school celebrated its first graduation day ever. It was a very exiting day and wonderful to see and honour this year's graduating students, their families and friends.

Initiated and largely organized by our student representatives and by many helpers, the day was a great success and everybody had a wonderful time. After the formal graduation ceremony and a reception, graduates, family members and close friends were headed to the campus based restaurant "seven and more" for dinner.

Later in the evening, students of the school and invited guests gatherd at the MPI for graduation party to close the day with good music, dancing, interesting drinks and lots of food for those that couldn't make it for dinner. I am already looking forward to next year's graduation day read more