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IMPRS-LS Workshop


Date: Friday 21st - Saturday 22nd April and Friday 28th or Saturday 29th April

Trainer: Ruth Willmott

Description: In the Career Mentoring and Management: Applying for Jobs on the Wider Market workshop, you will receive comprehensive career mentoring about the wealth of alternative career paths that are open to you as well as advice on how to best find and access these jobs. You will also be armed with key communication skills that will prove to be a prerequisite for career success on the wider market. You will be given advice on how to optimally build your CV and resumé as well as on how to write convincing personal career mission statements and strong core competencies summaries that will be attractive to a wide range of future employers. You will also learn how to best present your skills and talents in attention-grabbing application letters. Finally, we will role play questions that regularly come up during interviews to ensure that you gain the competitive edge over other application candidates.


IMPRS-LS Workshop


Date: Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th April 2017

Trainer: Ruth Willmott

Description:The Presenting with Confidence Workshop helps you to improve your PowerPoint presentation performance by learning how to optimally design and professionally deliver your talk. In the safety of the training environment, we will assess the content and structure of your own talk as well as your body language and overall delivery style. Together we will analyse your slides and develop strategies to optimally explain them. Special emphasis will also be placed on how to avoid or cope with common problems associated with the question and answer session. Finally, you will also learn how to enhance your delivery style and establish strong rapport, thereby ensuring professional and confident presentation of your talk and an enjoyable and informative experience for your audience.
The Presenting with Confidence Workshop is ideal for early stage research scientists with little or no presentation experience.


IMPRS-LS Workshop


Date: Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th May 2017

Trainer: Mathworks

Description:  Fundamentals: This two-day course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the MATLAB technical computing environment. This course is intended for beginning users and those looking for a review. Topics will include: • Data analysis • Visualization • Modeling • Programming

Data Processing and Visualization: This one-day course focuses on importing and preparing data for data analytics applications. The course is intended for data analysts and data scientists who need to automate the processing, analysis, and visualization of data from multiple sources. Topics include: • Importing data • Processing data • Customizing visualizations • Working with irregular datac



IMPRS-LS Seminar


Date: Tuesday 11th July 2017

Location: Small lecture hall, T - Building, 1st floor, MPIB

The IMPRS-LS Seminar is a great opportunity for our students to showcase their innovative research to their peers in a friendly environment. IMPRS-LS students will have the chance to present their projects in either talk or poster format.

Our poster sessions provide the perfect opportunity for IMPRS-LS students to network with colleagues and discuss their most recent findings. Students additionally have the chance to vote for their favorite talk and poster, with the winners from each category being announced at the end of the seminar.

The IMPRS-LS seminar will conclude with our annual "IMPRS-LS Summer BBQ", refreshments will be provided. We look forwards to welcoming all IMPRS-LS students!



Thursday, July 20, 2017

13:00 - 19:00 at the LMU Biomedical Center (BMC)

Keynote Lectures by

  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle, DFG Ombudsgremium für die Wissenschaft / FU Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Munafò, University of Bristol
  • Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff, HTW Berlin

Breakout Sessions:

  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Animal Research
  • Clinical Trials
  • Experimental Design and Statistics
  • Image Analysis
  • Open Science

The program will continue informally over a barbecue dinner on the terrace of the BMC.

If you are interested in this event, please mark the date in your calendar. Registration will start end of May and will be announced separately.
For more information please visit http://www.responsibleresearch.graduatecenter.uni-muenchen.de/