Curriculum & Training

Key to ensuring our students have access to learning and training opportunities most relevant to them is the IMPRS-LS curriculum. The majority of curricular activities are chosen specifically by the student to allow them to tailor their learning in a way that best suits their needs and interests. Students are required to earn 25 ECTS credits during their doctoral studies, which can be accumulated by participating in a variety of different activities as outlined below. We believe our flexible approach maximizes our students’ opportunities to further their learning.The curricular activiities organized by IMPRS-LS consist of six different components:

  • Interdisciplinary lecture series
  • IMPRS-LS seminar
  • Transferrable skills workshops
  • Advanced method training opportunities
  • Career development program
  • Annual IMPRS-LS retreat

Further to the curricular activities organized by IMPRS-LS, our students are also able to participate in numerous advanced courses, lectures and workshops organized by our university partners. Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in external training activities including EMBO workshops, advanced summer schools or Marie Curie Training Courses, which offer excellent opportunities for training, networking and scientific exchange. A generous IMPRS-LS travel allowance is available to fund external training activities and conference attendance.

IMPRS-LS curriculum
Diagram depicting various curricular activities IMPRS-LS students are able to take part in


Through our curriculum we ensure that our students have access to the most relevant and up to date training and are exposed to cutting edge research taking place within the institute. Networking is an important feature of our curriculum and we encourage our students to get to know each other at the events we organize.  For more information on a particular curricular activity, please see below.


Interdisciplinary Lecture Series


IMPRS-LS Seminar


Transferrable skills workshops


The "Interact" Symposium - Hands on skills development


Advanced method training


Career development program


Annual IMPRS-LS retreat